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Welcome to the official website for the National Academy Championship Horse Show  The NACHS is the largest, most prestigious academy horse show in the country -- and it's a show like no other.  This is a show where top academy riders from all over the nation come together in the spirit of competition, to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Over the last 15 years, our riders, their families and our fans have helped contribute over $213,000 to help sick children and fund critical research.  This year, the National Academy Championship Finals will be dedicated to a very special lady, who believed and shared our dream, Lynn Via!

What do all of these riders have in common?
(They are all World Champions and National Champions who won at the National Academy Finals! Where it all began!)
Sofia Rashid
Alexis Landreth
Ellie Kangur
Cashlyn Lovell
Zoe Brannon
Allie Poovey
Christina Collis
Chelsea Roby
J.P. Stilz
Kristen Smith
Masie Benfield
Lindsay Haupt
Abby Jones
Judy Dellinger
Rachel Kelly
Joy Ballard
Shelby Gregory
Laura Plant
Blake Powell
Callie Smith
Kevin Ingram
Jamie Bo Lucas
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